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Nature's Handcrafted Floral Light Green Peridot Dangle Earrings ANDE-48

Known as 'nature's spring time gift,' peridot, which represents August´s birthstone, glows at the ce..

138.00 AED

Multi Color Tropical Orchard Serpentine and Garnet Beaded Dangle Earrings ANDE-57

We selects bright, tropical colors for these cheerful earrings. She crafts them by hand, threading g..

59.00 AED

Multi Color Radiant Bouquet Carnelian and Citrin Dangle Earrings ANDE-41

Opulent and beautiful, gemstones cluster in exquisitely feminine earrings with brown pearls on ..

79.00 AED

Multi Color Mantra Artisan Crafted 7 Stone Chakra Earrings ANDE-28

Strung by hand, gemstones represent the seven chakras.It is designed to foster balance and harmony i..

59.00 AED

Multi Color Mystic Jungle Handcrafted Aventurine and Amethyst Beaded Earrings ANDE-26

Nareerat orchestrates colorful harmony with the design of these earrings,golden threads, adding glas..

49.00 AED

Moonlit Goddess Unique Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings ANDE-49

A timeless classic, hoop earrings remain everyone's favorite.silver is believed to have a soothing a..

139.00 AED

Magic Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings ANDE-36

Sterling hoops interconnect in the dynamic design of these earrings. Finishing with silver droplets ..

159.00 AED

Love Tornado Handcrafted Modern Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings ANDE-37

Whirling in a sterling hug, silver ribbons evoke a love tornado original earring design. Typ..

99.00 AED

Lotus Seed Fair Trade Gold Accent and Sterling Hoop Earrings ANDE-31

Crafted by hand, these enchanting big earrings,The Balinese artisan works in sterling silver, adding..

189.00 AED

Light Green Handcrafted Jade Earrings ANDE-23

jade was regarded as a sacred symbol of life, fertility and power. Designer places the natural green..

89.00 AED

Lavender Tear Hand Crafted Sterling Lavender Jade Dangle Earrings ANDE-18

Polished teardrops of natural jade are crowned and earrings are classic Beautiful. Type : &n..

135.00 AED

India Rapture Pearl Artisan Jewelry Earrings ANDE-10

Wrapped in sterling silver, pearls glow with the romantic elegance of India's art. Shanker's design ..

259.00 AED

Holy Cross Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings ANDE-39

Lacy cutout motifs add beauty to exquisite earrings. Type :     Earrings Material:&n..

99.00 AED

Heart Shaped Sterling Silver Drop Earrings ANDE-63

~~ Crafted by hand, these whimsical earrings are centered with a diminutive flower. Type :  ..

209.00 AED

Handmade Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver Earrings ANDE-70

HJ designs and crafts fascinating earrings of rose quartz. The gemstone globes dance on sterling sil..

99.00 AED

Handmade Kyanite and Sterling Silver Earrings ANDE-69

HJ designs and crafts fascinating earrings of cool blue kyanite. The gemstone globes dance on sterli..

99.00 AED

Handmade Amethyst and Sterling Silver Earrings ANDE-71

HJ designs and crafts fascinating earrings of sweet purple amethyst. The gemstone globes dance on st..

99.00 AED

Handcrafted Blue Topaz Balinese Goddess Earrings ANDE-08

Forever intertwined, sterling arabesques embrace 5 carats of sparkling blue topaz. Nyoman Rena craft..

189.00 AED

Halo Light Hand Crafted Garnet and Pearl Earrings ANDE-58

sterling encasings creating an illusion of unique splendor. Type :       ..

279.00 AED

Green Taxco Mystique Chrysocolla 950 Silver Handmade in Mexico Dangle Earrings ANDE-53

Chrysocolla lures with exotic elegance, its blue green beauty said to inspire wisdom and peace. Alon..

194.00 AED