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Ravishing Red Sterling Silver and Garnet Necklace from India-ANDN-38

Garnet glows bright and beautiful in a design that hails passionate sophistication.the ravishing red..

225.00 AED

Quiet Sun Pearl Necklace Sun and Moon Sterling Silver Pendant ANDN-05

The innate glow of smooth white pearl emits a quiet radiance. Centering an ornate silver sun, the ge..

165.00 AED

Queen of the Forest Artisan Crafted Malachite and Sterling Silver Necklace ANDN-11

The artist crafts a regal necklace inspired by traditional Indian fashion. Set in sterling silv..

325.00 AED

Queen of Diamonds Garnet Necklace Sterling Silver Jewelry from India ANDN-29

Red garnet diamonds, the birthstone of January, hold scarlet teardrops, their crimson charisma enhan..

357.00 AED

Pristine Blossom Pearl and Sterling Silver Y Necklace Floral Jewelry ANDN-65

Presents the pristine purity of pearls in this exquisite necklace. Embraced by sterling silver petal..

649.00 AED

Precious Tears Amethyst Sterling Silver Y Necklace from India ANDN-27

This opulent necklace exemplifies modern elegance. She designs it to showcase precious teardrop amet..

390.00 AED

Pink Frangipani Trio Unique Pearl and Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace ANDN-06

Silver frangipani blooms in a sterling bouquet, their beauty intensified by blue topaz and a dyed pi..

399.00 AED

Petals Artisan Crafted Silver and Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace ANDN-15

Enveloped in sterling petals, rose quartz is radiant.enchanting necklace that contrasts dark and bri..

189.00 AED

Pearl 925 sterling Silver necklace ADN-108

SPECIFICATIONSDesignerLook StylishMetal TypeSterling SilverDESCRIPTION· Mode Number: 14150..

350.00 AED 99.00 AED

Peaceful Heart Heart Jewelry Sterling Silver and Onyx Necklace ANDN-51

Three faceted gemstones adorn a sleek, modern heart,the necklace combines silver with the eternal be..

189.00 AED

Paradise Amethyst strand necklace ANDN-69

Like gifts from paradise, amethyst, the birthstone of February, brings its deep violet magic to a ne..

445.00 AED

Orange Peonies Handmade Beaded Carnelian and Quartz Necklace ANDN-25

Nature an eternal muse and as peonies begin to blossom she finds inspiration for the design of this ..

135.00 AED

Orange Marmalade Carnelian Y Necklace ANDN-50

Delightfully modern, this necklace showcases the allure of natural carnelian, which represents July´..

95.00 AED

New Directions Amethyst Sterling Silver Cross Necklace ANDE-14

A sterling pendant consisting of six amethyst stones branches out in four directions, forming a love..

349.00 AED

Nature's Creativity Strand necklace ANDN-04

The natural beauty of green quartz, gem of empathy and creativity, with the design of this necklace...

89.00 AED

Mystical Flame Amethyst Necklace from Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection ANDN-34

Amethyst ignites the fabulous design of this necklace. Shaped like a burning flame, the sterlin..

165.00 AED

Mystic Passion Pearl and Amethyst Beaded Necklace ANDN-64

 The fresh glow of peridot and citrine with the mystical beauty of amethyst for the design of t..

149.00 AED

Music of Love Artisan Crafted Brushed Silver Music Theme Necklace ANDN-57

With the clever alignment of a bass clef and an inverted treble clef symbol crafts the pendant ..

115.00 AED

Moon Goddess Sterling Silver Pendant Moonstone Necklace Artisan Jewelry ANDN-55

Athis exquisite pendant features a quartet of moonstones set in silver tendrils. Moonstone is though..

189.00 AED

Men's sterling silver necklace ANDN-72

a perfect circle of sterling silver into a captivating pendant. Crafted with a brushed satin finish,..

99.00 AED

Men's Sterling Silver and Onyx Pendant Necklace ANDN-71

Shaped of sleek black onyx, this pendant suggests a fang or claw. HJ creates a hunter's talisman for..

299.00 AED